5 Things to Avoid with Professional Movers on Moving Day

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  • November 17, 2018
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Most people try to plan well in advance for moving day, so that everything is ready when the movers arrive. As they begin doing their job, here are a few things to avoid that might otherwise complicate the process.

1. Crowded Bathroom

If you have just one bathroom used by several family members, try to have them take showers and handle grooming activities before the moving crew arrives. This will keep the bathroom open for the crew if and when needed. Move laundry, towels, or packed boxes out of the way so the bathroom facilities can be used quickly and easily. You can find more information online. The Premiere Van Lines Winnipeg website may be a good place to begin your research.

2. Meals and Beverages

Professional moving companies do not ask clients to provide food or even coffee or soda. It is a nice gesture to provide bottled water or ice for tap water, along with drinking cups, even if they are disposable. If you do plan to offer lunch or snacks, clear it with the company office first so the crew will know what to expect. Otherwise, they might pack lunches or head out for a quick lunch break while your pizza heats up in the oven or deli sandwiches sit in the fridge.

3. Excessive Questions and Chat

It’s natural to have a few questions as your belongings and furniture are being loaded into the moving van or unloaded at the new location. However, avoid asking too many questions, some of which the crew might not be able to answer. Call the company office ahead of time with any questions or concerns. It is also a good idea to avoid extended conversations with the moving company workers. They are there to do a specific job and are likely paid by the hour. Interrupting or slowing their work for casual chat can be disruptive to their schedule.

4. Asking for Extra Help

Moving employees are generally glad to lend a hand with quick last-minute tasks related to the move. They often don’t mind doing something like changing a lightbulb or handing down an item from a tall shelf, for example. But avoid asking for more extensive help, like dismantling a bookcase or helping to place the huge swimming pool cover. Time-consuming jobs like these should be handled by family members. If you truly need help, check with the moving company ahead of time.

5. Change the Moving Day Schedule

Although a few last-minute chores might need to be adjusted, avoid sizable schedule changes, like delaying the start time for half a day or not having everything packed and ready to go. Slow-downs cost money and wear away patience.

Make moving day productive and enjoyable for you and the movers. Be prepared and stay on schedule.

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