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6 signs you should consult an audiologist immediately

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  • April 25, 2018
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6 signs you should consult an audiologist immediately

Seeing an audiologist doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be subjected to a hearing exam. There is more to consulting an audiologist in a Pindrop Hearing Clinic than just that. Most people who are recommended to see an audiologist are usually children or adults above the age of 60. it is however necessary for people of all ages to see an audiologist to get the care they need. Here are 6 signs you should consult an audiologist immediately.

1. Excessive earwax

Even though you clean your ears often, you might find that a lot of earwax is building up and when it this happens near the eardrums, it can be really painful and quite uncomfortable for you. If you have this, you should definitely see an audiologist as they can get rid of the issue without causing damage to the eardrum or the ear canal.

2. Tinnitus

Millions of people all over the world are suffering from tinnitus. It is a common condition characterized by a ringing in the ears. It can be quite uncomfortable and annoying and is definitely one of the signs that you are headed to losing your hearing. If you suffer from tinnitus, make a point of consulting an audiologist as soon as possible.

3. Sudden loss of hearing

If you were exposed to drastic changes in air pressure or were in close proximity to some really loud noise, then it may have caused a sudden loss in your hearing abilities. You may also be under some kind of medication that overtime caused some trauma to the ears. This should be assessed by an audiologist as soon as possible.

4. Are you struggling to hear?

Lots of people lose their hearing gradually in life but it is possible that total loss of hearing could have been prevented had they chosen to consult an audiologist as soon as they started experiencing difficulty in hearing. Any health issue is best handled when realized early so do not ignore the signs. Visit an audiologist immediately you experience difficulty hearing.

5. You suffer from dizziness

For one reason or the other, people do get dizzy from time to time. If your dizziness however brings you to nausea then that means it is severe enough for you to actually have an imbalance in the fluids found in your ears. Even though you may have visited a physician before, consider consulting an audiologist.

6. The annual check up

Loss of hearing happens in a gradual manner. It could take so many years before you even realize that you are losing your hearing. You don’t have to wait for this to happen. When you do a full body checkup which you should every year, ensure that your ears are checked out by an audiologist as well.



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