7 Fast Facts About the Canadian Express Entry Program

Cutting through the difficulties of understanding Canadian immigration law is only the start to what can be a long and confusing process. Below are seven facts that show the benefits of Express Entry for any migrant that has marketable skills.

1. Express Entry is Available for Any Skilled Migrant

Canada values what skilled migrants can bring and contribute to the economy and workforce. Express Entry is designed to place you at the forefront and give Canadian businesses a chance to benefit from your skills.

2. You Have the Opportunity to Attract Employers with an Express Entry Profile

Fill out a complete profile that employers can look at and invite you to an open position. It’s a free and simple way to get your skills noticed and move to the head of the line.

3. Express Entry Places You in a Pool for Better Selection Odds

Your profile is added to the pool of available applicants, which gives you a wider exposure to employers looking for skilled labor. It increases your odds of finding successful placement in a good job. You can already have the promise of employment before gaining Residency.

4. You Can Enroll with the Canadian Job Bank Using Express Entry

The Canada Job Bank is a nationwide registry of open jobs throughout the provinces. It is normally reserved for Canadian citizens and residents but you can sign up by joining the Express Entry program. It allows you unprecedented access to an employment database, making it even easier for employers to locate you or you to find the perfect employment opportunity.

5. Your Profile Remains Active for 12-Months or Until a Job Offer

Your profile will remain active and searchable for a full year through the Express Entry portal or until you are given a job offer. If you need a profile past 12-months, you can build a fresh one to include your most recent experience.

6. You Can Bring Your Spouse/Partner and Dependent Children When Moving to Canada

Only one adult needs to receive a job offer in order to move the entire family to Canada. It can include a spouse/domestic partner and any dependent children. It ensures that the family will remain together and working towards a bright future.

7. You Are Not Required to Hire Legal Assistance But it Helps

Express Entry does not require that you hire legal counsel for assistance, but it can be beneficial to have sound legal representation by a law firm experienced in immigration law. Immigration Lawyer can help make sure you are meeting the right deadlines and providing the paperwork required for favorable results.

The Express Entry program is one that can help you gain access to employment easier and help you get moved to Canada in a shorter amount of time.