About this Site

Dos and Don’ts about this website and this journal specifically:

Don’t expect this site to be all politically correct. If you are some easily-offended cry-baby who is going to think things I say are too harsh, this isn’t the journal for you. Go hang out on the playground and leave this site to the grown-ups. Thank you!

Don’t take anything I write too seriously. I sure as fuck don’t. At worst, it’s my actual opinion which means exactly jack shit in the grand scheme of things. At best, I’m joking, embellishing and generally being sarcastic because it amuses me. Sometimes I even throw in little barbs (like about “band geeks”) just to tease people, but I’m not really serious. I’m just having some fun. So either way, getting worked up over anything I write makes you look pretty damn silly and I’ll mock you for it.

Do become a fan of Happily Childfree on Facebook if you use Facebook. Not because I’m desperate for fans or anything, but because sometimes I post links or updates there that I don’t post here, just because it’s easier, and I don’t want you to miss out. Also, you’ll be notified of blog updates right in your Facebook feed.

Don’t claim that breeders (or whatever other group you want to defend) is just as persecuted as African Americans or that any insulting word is just as bad as the N-word. This will piss me off. Calling someone out on their BEHAVIOR is not the same as insulting someone based on their skin color and enslaving them for hundreds of years and then lynching them for the next hundred, m’kay? Seriously, don’t be so fucking stupid.

Don’t expect me to post as much new content here as most bloggers do. You’ll be lucky to hear from me once a month. I just don’t seem to have the time, partially due to my incredibly poor time management skills.

Don’t ask me to add some code to let people subscribe to comments. I’ve decided against that for now. I’ve heard that can cause some issues (like AOL addresses bouncing and causing problems). I don’t even get that many comments, anyway, so I don’t think it’s worth it. I’m sure there is a way to subscribe to the RSS comments feed, but I’m not telling. The last thing I need is some angry breeder woman subscribing to every thread and coming to argue with anyone who comments.

Do post a comment if you’d like. I may actually respond to your comment, although I probably won’t — again, poor time management skills.

Do email me if you want a personal reply. My email address is easy to guess. I’ll give you a hint. My name is Phoena (careful of the spelling) and this site is called happilychildfree.com. If you can’t figure it out from that, I give up! I might take a couple of weeks to reply (I usually like to answer a bunch of feedback all at once) so don’t give up on me!

How Do I Get On Your “Blogs I Read” list?

I add people to that list whose blogs I actually read. If you want to recommend a blog to me, I’ll check it out, but if I don’t see it as the kind of blog I’d read regularly, I won’t add it to this list. But if it’s a blog written by a childfree person, even if it’s not about childfree topics, I will contact the owner (if it’s not you) and see if they would like to be added to the list I have here.

How Do I Get Off Your “Blogs I Read” list?

Just email me and say you would prefer not to be on that list. I can imagine not everyone wants traffic from this site!