Post Secret is Honest on Mother’s Day

I know some of you were expecting an awesome Mother’s Day rant from me today, but I don’t have it in me right now. I thought about complaining about how creepy it is that women think Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day is sort of the same thing, but that’s about all that needs to be said about that.

In 2008 I ranted about why we even need this holiday, anyway — it’s just attention whoring after all. And in 2005 I complained about those ridiculous overinflated figures of how much a mom “should” get paid. (I thought about covering that topic again this year, with a twist, but I didn’t see those figures in the news this year. Have they finally figured out how stupid they are and stopped doing them?)

More importantly, I recently wrote about how just the act of being a mother does not make one worthy of respect, despite what this holiday stands for!

And I’m not going to wish you all a Happy Non-Mom Day or a Fur-Mommy Day, because that all seems kinda dumb and awkward. After all I wouldn’t wish my non-Christian friends “Happy Non-Christmas!” or “Happy Yule” on December 25th.

So I really thought I had nothing left to say. Until I saw this.

Shockingly enough, the folks at Post Secret posted this secret on today, the high holy day of mother

I expected to see nothing but lot of dumb, breeder-pleasing, pro-mommy cards on that website today — which defeats the purpose of the site. And much of it was. Like the one today that says:

When I was three the best thing in my world was a hug from my mom. I’m 20 now and proud to say nothing has changed…. I hope when I’m 40 I can still hug my mother.


Every day I become a little bit more like my mother and I couldn’t be prouder. (smiley face)


Let’s always have this much fun. We love you, Mom.

*Yawn* Why do the people running that site post these “secrets”? They aren’t secrets. People can tell these things to their mothers to their faces. I hate when people waste time with postcards like that, and I hate when Post Secret puts them up. I suppose they get hundreds of post cards a week so one would expect they’d have a lot to choose from and could put up the most interesting ones, not the most “feel good” ones.

(One might argue that the secret I posted isn’t much of a “secret” either, but it’s still not exactly socially acceptable to say that out type of thing out loud everywhere. I know people who are still closeted about their childfreedom and wouldn’t say this out loud for fear of offending their child-burdened friends and relatives. No one has to hide “in the closet” about loving their mommy!)

The folks at Post Secret also, surprisingly, posted cards about crappy mothers today, too, which is rather daring. No one is supposed to acknowledge that there are shit mothers in the world today. Heck, we’re not really supposed to point them out on other days, either, but most especially not on this day! Good for Post Secret for considering all viewpoints on this day.