MomsRising=Parents Deserve Special Rights!

A rather reasonable friend of mine, who has kids but I wouldn’t consider a “breeder,” mentioned something about the website “MomsRising” to me recently. I’ve heard mention of it a couple of times before, but never checked it out, for fear it was one of those breederiffic mommy-feel-good websites. But when this reasonable friend mentioned it, I thought I might check it out. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate everything parent/kid related, and I actually clicked the link thinking I’d find something to rave about.

That was a mistake. It is a (cheezy and possibly ineffective) political lobbying site for breederiffic parents who want “special” rights, not equal rights.

The first thing you see on the main page says:

Tell your favorite Mom she’s a mother of the year! Your favorite mom deserves national recognition! Get her on the national news, thanked by President Obama, and envied by Angelina Jolie.

Are you kidding me? The first thing they want mommies to see on the site is, “You deserve a national award!” You can’t tell me they don’t have self-esteem issues if the big mommy sites primary reason for existence is to promote that shit. As if our government doesn’t have better things to do than to make some bimbo appease her self-esteem issues.

Also on the front page:

Let’s Get Real Healthcare Reform Now!We can’t afford to miss this opportunity to reform our broken healthcare system.Send a letter to Congress now demanding real healthcare reform for families

See that? Healtcare reform for FAMILIES. Fuck everyone else. Further in you’ll see they wan flexible work arrangements for PARENTS – no one else. Say what you will about childfree, but when we talk about reforms, we talk about making things fair for everyone, while parenting sites talk about making things “fair” for THEMSELVES only. Remind me which group is the selfish one again?

They also want:

Clear and independent universal television rating system that allows for choice in the home.

Wait a god-damned minute! They already have television rating systems that “allow for choice in the home.” Every show comes on with a freakin’ rating! Also, the TVs, the cable boxes, and the DVR boxes ALL have parental controls on them. And remember folks, they do not even have to have TVs in the home, or they can have a TV in a locked room or cabinet to keep the kids away from them. JFC what the hell more do these damn entitlement-minded mommies want? Little brown slaves living in the home to monitor the kids and the TV for them?! How can these morons STILL be complaining about this issue?!!

Safe, educational opportunities for children after the school doors close.

This also drives me crazy, as there are tons of activities for youth – parents just invent 500 excuses why not to use them. Every community I’ve lived in has had multiple forms of youth centers and activities, even the small town I used to live in. There were at least 3 community youth centers I can think of, but half the time they were empty because no one would make use of them. Who’s fault is that? While I can’t speak for every single community, I’d guess that most communities have these activities. The moms just won’t make use of them so they have no right to bitch about it.

And of course they are mooing about “Paycheck Fairness Act” which basically translates to:

I want to get paid as much as everyone else in the workplace, probably more, because I have kids to support. I deserve a paid year off every other year to have a baby and bond with it, and I want additional sick days from my non-parent coworkers since I need more sick days to take time off when my kids are sick, too. When I’m pregnant, I’ll need extra sick days for all my doctors appointments, as well. I want first pick of all vacation time off, because I have to work it around my kids’ school schedule and everyone else can just suck it. Also, I want a flexible work schedule so I can take off whenever it’s convenient for me and my kids. I never want to work late or weekends or holidays (gotta have family time!) – leave that to my childless coworkers – they don’t deserve the good work schedules! In fact, I should be able to work from home while playing with my kids. My family will always come first! AND I want promotions just as quickly as everyone else, even if I’m out of the office 60% more than the rest of them and don’t have nearly the experience since I’ve spent most of my career neglecting work in favor of being a mommy.

I’m SO sick of them complaining about getting paid less than other workers when they do less work. Yea, I know there are exceptions – women who are just as dedicated at work as the rest of us, but those are the ones who are likely making as much as the rest of us do. The ones who have a huge pay gap have probably earned that pay gap by doing half of the work when they are at work, taking more time off than anyone else, and never working overtime shifts – in other words, they deserve a fraction of the pay.

The bottom line is these women believe they deserve a paycheck for breeding and the company should just have extra funds lying around to give them money to stay home for a year while having to pay someone else to do their job. I’m not a fan of pure capitalism, but I have to side with the companies here. Why should they have to pay two people to do a job while one sits at home blogging about baby puke for a year? Or worse, why should the company pay someone to sit at home blogging about diaper blowouts while the rest of her coworkers are shafted having to take up her workload in addition to their own because the company can’t afford to pay two people for that job. And I don’t want to pay higher taxes so mommies can scam the system this way and make the government pay them to sit at home blogging! And then, this mommy thinks after coming back from her year’s vacation she should get the next promotion going around because she “deserves” it. How did she earn the promotion while sitting at home not working?!

(No, they didn’t actually say THAT, but that’s pretty much what they mean!)

Maybe I’d have more respect for mommies (and MomsRising) if they used ANY common sense, had ANY sense of fairness and dropped the entitlement “I want it so I should get it I’m a mom!” bullshit.

Proper Way to Maintain a Friendship

Remember the time I talked about how mommies make bad friends? Here’s a perfect example:”Can Friendships Derail When Babies Come On Board?”

Basically, it is about “Joanne”(non-mom) and “Michelle” (mommy) and their friendship. Joanne doesn’t have kids but has a busy career instead. When her old college friends had their first babies, she sent them all gifts and cards and congratulated them, you know, everything you’re “supposed” to do. But these friends have gone on to have more babies since then, and she’s sort of tuned it all out like background noise, since it’s not all that exciting after the first one. Her excuse is that she wanted to do more, but she’s just been “too busy”, but my take is that after the first kid, the rest of us shouldn’t have to keep shelling out money to celebrate their life choices; it gets to be too much! (One might even argue that she went above and beyond by celebrating their first babies since they would never be doing the same for her!) As far as I’m concerned in the situation of subsequent babies, an email or card of congratulations is in order for subsequent kids, but that’s enough.

As the article explains, one of Joanne’s friends, Michelle, got her nose all out of joint about Joanne not fawning over the recent birth of her latest kid, and wrote an email to her saying: “Sorry to sound pathetic, but have I done something to offend you?” as well as updating her facebook status to additionally whine, “Is it still possible to remain friends with someone whom you have very little in common? I thought it was.” Clearly, Michelle is a game-player.

If she was truly interested in renewing the friendship she would have approached this in a completely different way. Basically, this situation could have been approached in a few different ways such as:

  1. “Hey! I haven’t heard from you in a while! I bet you’re really busy! How are you doing? I miss you and thought we should catch up. What’s going on in your life? How’s your husband? How’s your job? (asking about other details of Joanne’s life). This is what we’ve been up to, although it might not sound all that exciting to you! (details of Michelle’s life).”
  2. “Hey Joanne, maybe I’m being a baby about this, but I’m really hurt you didn’t send a gift or a card when MicKynzeee was born! It was a really big event in my life and I felt hurt that you didn’t acknowledge it. Is that lame? Miss you!”
  3. “Sorry to sound pathetic, but have I done something to offend you?”
  4. “Fuck you, bitch! I don’t want to be friends with you, either! Go to hell!”

I arranged these in order from most mature to least mature. You can see where Michelle falls on this list.

The first, the most mature response, acknowledges that we all get really busy in this life, and that it’s easy to see an email in your inbox, be too busy to reply just then, and forget about it later when it’s no longer highlighted as a “new” message. It also goes on to let the recipient know that you miss and value the friendship, as well express interest in the recipient’s life before delving into talking about your own. Even if you write ten paragraphs talking about your own life (and let’s face it, that’s mostly what you’ll have to talk about if you haven’t heard from them lately) it’s okay as long as you’ve expressed interest in their life. This mature response would not be coupled with a whining Facebook post. Hell, one doesn’t even need Psych 101 class to know this is the best way to handle such a situation!

The second one is pretty self-centered, but at least it is a clear attempt at communicating and letting the person know your feelings are hurt. This way, you’re not making the person guess about your feelings nor are you passive-aggressively hinting about your hurt feelings. Being upfront is a good thing.

The third approach is just game playing. She doesn’t even give the reader a clue as to what she’s talking about! Maybe Joanne had forgot that she forgot to acknowledge the latest kid’s birth. So now she’s left guessing what Michelle’s problem is. Parents today love to tell their kids to “use your words” but then you get parents like this who can’t even “use their words!” If you have something to say, Michelle, SAY IT. Is anyone else worried about people this immature and childish raising the next generation? They don’t have the maturity to handle adult relationships, so how can they possibly teach maturity to their kids? Answer: they can’t.

And the fourth is just, well, ridiculous, but I threw it in there to show there are even worse ways to handle the situation than Michelle did.

If I were Joanne, I don’t know that I’d want to retain a friendship with a gal like this! She clearly isn’t expressing interest in Joanne’s life. As far as I can tell, the only reason Michelle is mad is that she didn’t get a baby gift and she’s hoping to guilt Joanne into sending one belatedly. That’s true friendship right there. /sarcasm.

Listen people: Friendship is a two-way street. With any friendship, even if it was Joanne’s “turn” to hit reply and send a message, that doesn’t mean Michelle can’t go out-of-turn and email Joanne again! I email or call out-of-turn all the time! Some people might think I’m a pest, but more likely I think they are sure that their friendship means a lot to me, or I wouldn’t keep trying. (And usually the reason they haven’t called or emailed is just that they were busy or had nothing new to add, not that they were “mad” at me or intentionally ignoring me and hoping I’d get a clue and go away! I’m mature enough to realize that.)

As far as it goes with friendships with mothers, we childfree do have a difficult time knowing what to say. Here Joanne explains it best:

These conversations revolve around the pregnancy, the childbirth, the baby, the development of the kid – all milestones to get excited about! Though, in turn, I feel like I don’t have news that can compete with all this newness. More confusing to navigate are the tedious details surrounding these events. Nursing problems, stroller contraptions, applying to pre-schools, dealing with napping “schedules,” interviewing babysitters – there’s really no material for discussion there for me. Could we gab about Taylor Swift’s horrendous performance at the Grammys, boys, or our career angst instead? I have no doubt that my life – long work days, freelance projects, wine-fueled date nights out with my husband, concerts, weekend getaways – is equally foreign to them these days. To top it off, our schedules are at odds: they’re more available during the day while I’m freer late-night.

It’s very true. I don’t have much to contribute to potty-training stories and I don’t really want to hear them. I don’t really care about baby-sitter angst. I don’t even want to imagine what “nursing problems” someone could have. Luckily for parents, there are many, many people out there they can discuss those issues with. Just not me. That doesn’t make me a bad friend for not wanting to know every detail of their parenting life. I just have no frame of reference so I can’t relate to those issues. Likewise, I won’t bore you with stories about my cats if you’re not a cat person, books I’m reading if you’re not a reader, or PHP problems I’m having if you are not a web designer. Fair enough?

One of the commenters to that article had this to say about the difficulty of maintaining friendships with mommies:

In my experience, as a singleton, lots of marrieds either expect you to completely change your schedule to accomodate them/their kids (we live a hour’s drive apart, but I ALWAYS have to go out there to see you despite the fact that I have a F/T job, a P/T job, AND am in grad school…you can’t meet me half-way?) or they want to bring their kids EVERYWHERE (you have a hubby and in-laws who live two houses down, can’t they watch the kids for two hours while you get coffee w/ me and catch up?). Honestly, I gave up on all but two of my married friends who have kids simply b/c of the above. Now that most of their kids are in school, we’re reconnecting.

It’s depressing, but I pretty much write people off when they have kids. I try for a little bit, but if I don’t feel they’re trying in return, then I just let go of the friendship.

And that’s a lot of what I was talking about when I wrote that piece on mommies making bad friends six years ago. So many women, once having children, expect us to make all the effort and sacrifice and if we don’t, then we’re not being supportive enough of them! Remember this next time someone says that the childfree are the selfish ones.

I’ve found, and you probably have too, that friendships with mothers only work if I have some hobby or interest in common. One of my bestest friends from childhood and I are still friends, even though we live so far apart and have completely different lives. That’s because we are still both avid readers and love science documentaries and articles. So when we talk, we discuss books we’ve recently read or documentaries we’ve recently seen, or science magazines we’ve read. We don’t talk so much about her children or my childfreedom or our jobs which are very different and don’t make for interesting conversation. The thing I love most about her is that while the kids are a VERY big part of her life, she knows that I can’t relate and doesn’t even try to make it a big part of our conversation.

Friendships do grow and change and sometimes they grow apart. If you have nothing in common anymore, it’s probably best to let the friendship go. Meanwhile, if you ever get an email like the one Joanne did, that’s a clear indication of a friend you don’t want to hang on to. If your friendship feels entirely one-sided, don’t bother. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t let people get away with treating you shabbily. Don’t let people get away with using you for free baby gifts. You only live this life once, so make the most of it and surround yourself with people who care about you as much as you care about them and forget the rest.

Thank you to the person who pointed me to The Frisky. You’re my new best friend because there is so much material for me over there I’ll never run out!

Lap Babies & the Agencies & Parents Who Don’t Care About their Safety

Articles like this (NTSB: Give babies their own airline seats) annoy the hell out of me. Why? It’s not that I’m against giving babies their own seats. It’s stuff like this (emphasis mine):

The National Transportation Safety Board is urging parents to buckle baby carriers into airline seats instead of holding infants in their laps aboard planes.

Under current Federal Aviation Administration regulations, children younger than 2 can fly for free if they sit in a parent’s lap.

Not requiring. Urging. Well, every day I urge parents to stop being such jerks in public. Guess what? Urging doesn’t do jack shit. These agencies need to grow a pair and stand up to these idiots. Don’t even waste your time “urging.” It’s a god damned joke.

My emphasis again:

The NTSB and the Association of Flight Attendants have tried for years to convince the FAA and airlines to require seats for all passengers, including babies. Still, many parents prefer holding their children for free instead of buying a ticket for them.


The agency fears that parents will opt to drive to destinations rather than buying plane tickets for their babies, and FAA officials said they believe driving is more dangerous than flying.

Oh, please don’t make me laugh. I still haven’t recovered watching from the Robert Klein comedy special last night. (Please tell me you saw that! Good stuff!) These damn agencies actually want us to believe that they are “saving lives” by “encouraging” people to fly versus drive? This is all out of the goodness of their hearts? Give me a break. These people are about as genuine as BP!

So it’s all about fear of losing revenue, right? They think that parents will determine driving is cheaper than flying. Who can honestly say that driving is cheaper than flying these days, especially when we are dumping millions of gallons of finite oil resources into the ocean! I don’t want to do the math or research on costs of driving vs. flying because there are too many variables and I’m lazy, but my guess is that for shorter trips, maybe driving is cheaper. Longer trips, not so much, especially when you factor in wear-and-tear on your vehicle. If you want to go visit your mommy every year twice a year and she lives four states away (middle states, not those piddly East Coast states), that all adds up in time, gas expense and wear on the vehicle.

But more importantly though, who the hell is driving to Hawaii or Europe? Show of hands – I’m really curious! Yea, that’s what I thought. Yet you don’t see these asshats requiring children strapped into their own seats for overseas travel, now do you? If this was only about encouraging people to fly versus drive for safety reasons, then they would only offer the free lap babies on flights where one could opt to drive instead, right? That would only make sense. There is (albeit slightly) higher risk for overseas flights, so if they were concerned about safety, they’d want to keep infants safer on those flights. But they don’t.

Seriously, FAA and airlines don’t care about safety. Clearlythey don’t. They care about money. Period. Right?

At this point, this becomes a whole lot like the smoking bans debate. Now, I don’t want to know what side of that debate you are on because that argument is a dead and rotting horse corpse, but I do recall many business owners screaming that they would be put out of business if smoking was banned in their establishments. Yet later, after smoking bans had been in place for a while, business owners were reluctantly admitting that business had picked up as the non-smokers returned and smokers continued to patronize them and grudgingly smoked outside. All the hysteria was for nothing.

These days its the airlines who are playing this Chicken Little game. “If parents stop flying because they can’t afford to pay for seats for their children, we’ll go out of business!! The only people who fly at all are people with children under the age of two! Our business will be decimated!”

Calm down and stop being ridiculous. Even IF demanding children be put in their own seats actually does keep people from flying with infants, trust me, many of us will start flying again once the unofficial “ban” on babies takes effect, more than making up for the supposed lost revenue. Can you imagine a flight with no screaming infants and no toddlers racing up and down the aisles because his mommy couldn’t keep hold of him? BLISS! If anything airlines should be DIScouraging small children on planes and it would likely be GOOD for business.

Additionally, what do you think happens to all these parents who are traveling with their children-under-two-for-free after the child turns two? Do they all just stop flying for the next sixteen years? Somehow I don’t think so. But even if they did, what do they do with the loss of that revenue? Obviously they make it up somewhere, just as they would if they lost revenue from butthurt mommies with infants.

Maybe I’m missing a piece of the puzzle, but I think the airlines are being incredibly stupid about this. I’m pretty sure they could make MORE money by requiring parents pay for seats for all children. These parents today are the instant gratification crowd, and they are not about to postpone their vacation because they can’t afford to pay for a seat for Junior! They’ll find a way to pay for that seat. They’ll beg, borrow or put it on the credit card they never plan to pay off. They are not about to practice the art of delayed gratification. Nor are they likely to drive; here’s a secret: they generally don’t like their kids any more than the rest of us do! They certainly do not want to be trapped in the car with Junior for six or eight hours! If they have to suffer, then damn it, they want everyone else to suffer right along with them!!

Ultimately, I don’t think the airlines really believe they’ll lose money on this. I think they assume that the planes will fill up anyway, and if it’s not the baby in the seat, then it’ll just be someone else and they’ll still make money. And with as crowded as flights are these days, maybe that’s true. But if it is true, then if the mommy with the lap baby refuses to fly, there will certainly be someone else willing to pay for the seat she was going to use. Right? So then what is the problem?

Here’s the bottom line: Airlines worry about the PR nightmare of changing the policy. While they must know that eventually they will be forced to change the policy, like the rest of us putting off that dentist appointment because we just don’t want to deal with it, they procrastinate. They know that as soon as the policy is changed, all the idiot, unemployed mommies with nothing better to do with their lives will start harassing them for their “right” to put their children in danger in the interests of saving a few dollars. (After all, mommies need that money to buy the latest cell phone, coach bag or video game system! They shouldn’t have to deprive themselves just because they have kids, don’t you know!)

But that is what really bothers me about this whole debate. Parents who don’t really give a shit about the safety of their kids. Oh, they SAY they would die for their kids, but if turns out that protecting their children might cost them a few bucks, their resolve crumbles. “We’ll risk it,” is their attitude. Lovely. Oh, that’s great. I wonder what other shortcuts they are taking to save money at their child’s expense? If it wasn’t required by law, would they even use car seats in the car? Probably not.

The bored housewife mommies will surely argue that they’ve flown dozens of times with a child on their lap and nothing happened and that the likelihood of something happening is almost nil, so it’s completely fine of them to take the chance to save a few bucks. Strangely enough, the airlines force adults to buckle up on those same flights where the chances of something happening are slim. If it’s SO unlikely that something will happen, why does anyone need to buckle in?

If anything, consenting adults should the only ones allowed to not buckle up. You’re grown, perhaps you can brace or protect yourself, and, having weighed the risks, you’ll forgo the seat belt. Fine. But these small children should be protected – that’s in the very job description of PARENT!! For fuck’s sake: protect your kid! Babies can’t protect themselves and they can’t give informed consent!

It’s not just airplane accidents that are a danger to lap babies. Turbulence can also be an issue. A kid squirming away from mom and running around the flight could hurt themselves in any number of ways (other passengers kicking or stepping on them (accidentally! Don’t get ideas!) or the food service cart could hit them, etc) and in at least one case, a mother smothered her infant (allegedly by accident) while holding the child during a flight. Why risk it? These issues wouldn’t be a problem if children were strapped in for their own safety which should always trump the parent’s convenience. Too bad it doesn’t.

I’ve never been in a car accident yet, but I always buckle up my seat belt regardless. One could argue that you’re about a billion times more likely to get into a car accident because all the teens are too busy texting to pay attention to the road. This is true, but airline pilots are all too often busy playing on their laptops to actually fly the planes, and air traffic controllers at major airports are too busy being “weekend dads” and playing with their kids while on the jobto actually pay attention to their job, so I’m not feeling all that safe during air travel anymore, either. If you can’t trust the pilots and you can’t trust the air traffic controllers, who can you trust? It’s just dumb luck if you arrive in one piece anymore. And don’t even dare travel on a commuter flightwithout getting your will in order first.

I am pleased the article points out how terribly irresponsible it is for any parent to hold a child on their lap during flights. This IS dangerous and absolutely not in the child’s best interest. But isn’t it pathetic that as a society we literally have to force parents to do the right thing because they are too cheap and lazy to do so otherwise?

Be A Better Neighbor

Occasionally people send me articles and ask me to comment on them. Sometimes I don’t because I can’t find anything interesting to say, but this typical entitlement mommy really annoyed me. Here’s my thoughts on the article, Love thy neighbour? Not with kids.

The article stars off with the woman complaining her neighbor isn’t understanding enough of her children, who like to play on the balcony of her apartment and throw things into the neighbor’s yard. Really? This surprises her?

How would she like it if people were dumping garbage in her living room all the time? I bet she’d bitch like hell! The neighbor is responsible for keeping her yard cleaned up and doesn’t want her yard littered with other people’s trash and discarded toys. It’s RUDE to expect other people to clean up after your kids. You’ll notice the woman doesn’t even offer the woman an apology! This entitled mommy thinks the neighbor should just blissfully clean up after HER kids.

Additionally, Mommy is upset that the neighbor lady yelled at the kids for continually throwing stuff in her yard. Well, if Mommy wasn’t going to do it, SOMEONE needed to teach the kids that it was wrong! If you have a problem with the neighbor yelling at your kids, teach your kids yourself!

And of course, this mommy whines about “bad language.” She has a problem with people using “dirty” words in front of her children. (The neighbor apparently said “pissed off” and this was objectionable.) I hate this argument because parents do not want to behave or make their children behave to the rest of society’s standards, and yet they want the rest of society to conform to THEIR standards. Talk about a double standard! You expect me to live in a world full of screaming kids? Then you need to live in a world full of swearing adults. (When did “pissed off” become a “dirty” word anyway? For that matter, when did “suck” become a swear word? Give me a break!)

The Mommy writes:

I usually care what other people think, but as I get older I’m finding if people take issue, I’d prefer they take themselves and their issue to some far corner of the globe, face the wall for a while and think long and hard about their actions before rejoining the group.

See, typical entitlement Mommy attitude! “If you doesn’t like my behavior, you need to go somewhere else! But if you doesn’t like MY (or my children’s) behavior, you need to go somewhere else!” The rules NEVER apply to mommies and their precious little snowflakes. And they wonder why no one in the village likes them!!

From the comments to the article:

Kids make noise. If they don’t like it (within reason) they should live in an adults only, no kids, no pets block.

Lovely idea. Let’s start building them now! Sadly, they are illegal, since The Powers That Be realize that no one would want to rent to people with kids if they weren’t forced to. (This article is from Australia, where, apparently they aren’t illegal. I’m jealous, but not enough to move there.) Of course, this solution wouldn’t satisfy the mommies at all, because then they’d be forced to live near other people’s kids and they don’t want to deal with the noise from other people’s kids, either.

But you do see the subtle subtext here, don’t you? “If YOU don’t like my children’s noise, YOU go live somewhere else.” Again, the typical entitlement minded breeder attitude.

I didn’t read all the comments, but I was pleased to see that many of them (even other parents) told the Mommy she was totally wrong. There is still some common sense out in the world

But here is my favorite part of the article:

In my day balls, kites, frisbees, remote control planes and all manner of objects landed in the neighbour’s yard and there was no issue with asking your friendly neighbour if you could simply retrieve it.

Not so in the stifled existence of an apartment complex where the world is riddled with boundaries and rules and noise restrictions.

There are two big differences between your-day and to-day. In your-day, people actually got to know their neighbors and were friendly with them. As a general rule, folks tolerate a lot more from their friends than they do from rude and demanding strangers. If you mommies continue to refuse to befriend your neighbors and refuse to build these close-knit communities you feel nostalgic for, you can’t complain about people not being as friendly.

The other big difference is that in your-day, parents were, generally, more considerate of others than they are now. No neighbor would have ever had to yell at me for throwing stuff in their yard because my mother would have been yelling at me before they even noticed their yard was littered with my toys and trash! After yelling at me, my mother would have marched me to the neighbors house and forced me to apologize, then she would have apologized herself and sworn it would NEVER happen again, and then she would have made me clean up the trash from the neighbor’s yard while she and the neighbor watched and made sure I didn’t miss anything. And it was GOOD for us kids to have parents behave like that. It taught us personal responsibility and that every action (even an accident) has consequences. When was the last time you saw parents behave in that way? 1989? Quite possibly.

You know how they show people in movies throwing things, breaking glasses and shattering mirrors? Every time I see scenes like that, I get distracted from the movie and think, “Who is going to clean that mess up? You know you have to clean it up, right? I know you’re mad, but think about the mess!” I would NEVER throw something in anger, because I don’t want to have all that extra work to do cleaning it up! I’m very consciously aware that my actions have consequences – something parents taught in your-day but have lost in the last generation or two. This is the sort of thing that you should be teaching your children, Mommy!!

Here’s a clue: Until you start behaving the way parents behaved in your-day, you have no right to complain that the neighbors of to-day don’t behave the way they did in your-day.

Here’s another: If you want better neighbors, you need to BE a better neighbor.

New Baby Is Just Not Enough

I absolutely cannot understand the instant gratification and never-satisfied attitudes of the current generation coming of age. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised — they are the same kids I have been complaining about for 15 years and they’ve grown into the very overgrown, spoiled brats I thought they would become. Still, I’d been holding out hope all along that I was wrong.

I’ve seen these kids open up their Christmas presents, getting all the loot they had demanded – a new xbox with all the accessories, $200 worth of games, a brand new cell phone with all the latest bells and whistles, and the newest, greatest iPod on the market – only to turn around 20 minutes later and whine, “Can we go shopping? I’m bored and I need new stuff.” I would be thinking, “Wait, you haven’t even finished playing with $1000 worth of loot you JUST got. How can you already be wanting something new?” Yet this is the prevailing attitude of this generation. “Give me what I want, when I want it and I’ll be bored with it right away, but so what? That’s my right!!

As if that isn’t bad enough, I’m seeing this trend of boredom with their own children. I’ve seen this a fair amount lately and it blows my mind: They will have a baby, and when it is just a few months old, they are already whining about how they need a NEW baby. Apparently this one they have isn’t good enough.

I suppose I could maybe understand if the child is now three years old and the mommy is missing the newborn stage and thinks it’s time for a second baby. Fine, I suppose I can see that happening. But what the fuck is wrong with these gals who look down at their newborn infant and say, “Eh, you’re not entertaining me enough. I’m ready for a new one already“?!!?!

To these parents I say: If the current newborn in your arms is not filling the hole inside you, here’s a clue: You need to find some other way to fill that hole! Don’t keep creating human beings trying to fix some mess going on in your head. Besides, if the first baby leaves you feeling empty, then maybe you’re just fucking empty. Another kid ain’t gonna fix it.

Dr Phil is a quack, but I love when he says, “No child should come into this world with a job,” he’s absolutely right. We’re all PEOPLE not just toys for some bimbo to use to entertain herself, to get sympathy, attention and to give her an excuse to not work or get an education or do anything with her life. If her entire life’s purpose is to create people as some kind of sick “get out of work free” card, someone needs to spay her like they would any other dumb animal in heat who pointlessly reproduces!

Honestly, I cannot understood these people who want more than two kids. I’m open minded enough to understand why some people might enjoy parenthood. I can sort of comprehend wanting a couple of kids. After that, what is going on in their heads? Are they thinking each additional kid will finally be the one they’ve been “shooting” for? What is wrong with the kids they already have that they can’t be satisfied with them? What do they think the third (or fourth, or eight or twentieth) kid will magically give them that they couldn’t find in the others?

But clearly, there is something not right about someone who sees their newborn as their entertainment and when it ceases to be entertaining after a short period of time, they think they need a new one, like a replacement for a broken toy. And if the first one didn’t entertain you enough that you already had to start working on the next one, what makes you think the second one will be entertaining enough?! And what makes these fools think that additional infants will make life ANY easier? It makes no logical sense at all. Of course, I’m assuming any of these people possess logic, which is unlikely.

I’ve come to believe these women have the mental capacity to see that far in the future. Many of them are just addicted to the pregnancy attention and not so much the motherhood part of the equation. They are bored with the infant because they have lots all the attention they got while pregnant. That’s why they need a new one so quickly. The rest are just “new shit” junkies because they’ve been spoiled their whole lives, and instead of enjoying what they already have, they constantly need something new to feel special and happy.

It’s sick and it’s twisted, and I don’t know why society tolerates this behavior from these crazy, irresponsible women. WHEN are we going to start talking about the fact that the emperor has no clothes and that something needs to be done about the WRONG people continuing to breed for the wrong reasons? WHEN?