10 Ways To Improve Your Recovery Healing Time

There is a maxim that says, “it’s not how hard you train but how well you rest and recover.” 

Physiotherapy Newmarket has been gaining a great deal of traction in unlocking and discovering more of the human body. There is nothing quite like a strenuous workout. The feeling of accomplishment is gratifying. Hitting the gym can be very enjoyable. However, there is nothing worse than to have to take a few days, to so times weeks, off because of an injury.

So if you have been wondering, what are some different ways to improve your recovery time after a strenuous workout, then this list has you covered.

Here are ten ways in which you can improve your recovery time after an intense workout.

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# 1 Pool Activity – One of the best exercises 


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# 2 A Nice Warm/ Slightly Hot Bath with Epsom Salt

There is nothing quite like a nice warm/slightly hot bath with Epsom salt. This is an excellent option for those who have engaged in serious training or exercises. Dispersing Epsom salt across the warm bath will better assist your muscles in relaxing. Relaxation is critical, no hyperbole, in helping muscles recover much faster.

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# 3 Massage Before and After Training

Massages have long been an excellent method of speeding up one’s recovery time. The great thing about the massage method is that it works exceptionally well after an intense workout – but also “before” an intense workout.

Spreading out the muscles allows for more oxygen to travel throughout the body much more comfortable. There is a variety of massage; all of which have their own benefits. So you may want to do a bit of research before getting any massage. Personally, mines is a Thai oil massage.

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# 4 Ice Baths. Yeah. We know!

Ice baths have just recently (the last decade or so) been used by athletes. The cold baths help to expedite the healing and recovery time for athletes. This is very evident if you have ever watched sports like Judo. Many players usually bring ice to many games.

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# 5 Cold Shower!!

Cold Showers have a wide array of benefits that not only benefit recovery time but also has the additional benefits of increasing alertness as well as focus. The benefits of taking a cold shower are too numerous for this article alone – but cold showers are a great way to speed up your recovery time.

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# 6 Dieting, Vitamins and Supplements

This strategy is much overlooked. It is so important that you are eating foods that will be very useful for your body. Lean meat, vitamins, and supplements like magnesium, especially magnesium, will prove most beneficial in increasing your recovery time.

Think about it this way. You can’t put mud into your gas tank and think it will get you anywhere. This concept is the same for your body. Put the right “fuel” into your body, and you can workout longer and recover much faster.

Food can have a positive or negative effect on your body. It is important to keep this in mind.

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# 7 Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a form of massage that is self-administer. Rolling your muscles across a foam ball will help to stretch out the tendons and muscles which allow themselves to relax more. Muscles that are relaxed heal much quicker.

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# 8 Yoga – Not popular for no reason

Yoga. This method may sound somewhat esoteric. However, yoga has been growing popularity. Why? Because and of the stretching and the breathing; which all assist in muscle recovery as well as mental recovery. And this leads nicely into our next option.

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# 9 Meditation – Be Mindful

Yet, another esoteric option. Meditation helps speed up the recovery time because (if done correctly) meditation helps individuals focus on their breathing. Breathing is so crucial for relaxing the body. Mindfulness students. Mindfulness.

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# 10 Sleep – The Ultimate Hack 

You really can’t beat having a good nights rest. Rest is so essential for the body to recover. Now, personally, I love taking a warm bath with Epsom salt, drinking some chamomile tea, and reading a good book before 9 pm. Then after this small ritual hitting the sack for 6 – 8 hours. After this sequence, I wake up, and I feel like a million dollars.

P.S I am a Muay Thai Fighter, so I know a thing or two about recovery time and methods to heal the body quicker. (Smiles)