Childfree Friendly Doctor Resource List

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be making a new page for my site with a list of doctors who perform permanent or semi-permanent sterilization on childfree people without too much hassle. Please comment here or email me (phoena @ happilychildfree DOT com) to recommend your doctor or clinic. Please let me know what type of procedure you had done, the name of the doctor, the hospital or clinic, address and phone number if possible.

I know there is a livejournal group with some of this information but it’s rather disorganized (they did the best they could). I’ll pull information from that group for this list, so if you already posted your information there, I probably already have it.

I’ll try to get this list done and up on the website sometime in the next couple of weeks to hopefully be a better resource for the childfree community. Thanks for your help and support!

Update March 16th: Thanks to everyone who sent information so far. I’m still working on organizing the list. Look for it in a couple of weeks!