Childfree- Friendly Doctors Resource List

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list! Please keep those recommendations coming!

Childfree people from all over the United States (and some foreign countries) have shared this information about doctors who sterilized them with little to no hassle despite being childfree and, in many cases, being under 30.

If you are here looking for a doctor keep the following in mind:

  • I cannot guarantee that each of these doctors is still in practice at the location I have listed. Some of my readers were sterilized years ago and gave me the information that was relevant then, but I can’t verify every one of these. If you find out that some of this information is out of date, please let me know so I can keep this list as accurate as possible.
  • I cannot guarantee these doctors won’t give you a a few“bingos” but sometimes that is required of them. Just make sure you walk in there calm, cool and ready to answer their questions rationally. Most times they just want to make sure you are confident about your choice and not making a rash decision. Rehearse your answers ahead of time so you’re ready. The doctors on this list shouldn’t give you too much trouble.
  • Keep in mind that while I might have listed a doctor for one procedure, that doesn’t mean they don’t do others, so if you see one in your area but doesn’t do the procedure you are looking for, go ahead and call to find out if they do other procedures. Let me know if you find out that any of these doctors perform procedures other than the ones I have them listed as doing.
  • If you are a provider and would like to be on (or taken off) this list, please email me and let me know!