German Childfree?

I got this email about a week ago, asking for anyone from Germany who might like to share their experience for a soon-to-be-published in Germany childfree book.

I live in Germany, and although the difference between Childfree and childless would also perfectly work in German, the idea of childfreedom doesn’t really exist here. So I thought I’ll introduce it. I started writing a book about it, sent it to several agents (5 out of 8 were positively interested, that says a lot I think), I chose one of them, and now the book is currently offered to publishers. What I would like to include are personal stories of childfree people. So, I wanted to ask if you could maybe publish this request on your website and ask if people were willing to share their stories. Absolute confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed! I would obviously be most interested in people who live in Germany (whether German or other nationals), but not exclusively. Anyway, I figured I might not be the only German reading your blog.

If you are in Germany or somewhere else in Europe, you might be interested in helping this author. Email me phoena @ and I’ll forward the email to her. (Americans (or other countries) can email me as well, but I think she’d prefer Europeans since their culture is more similar to German culture than other countries. Like when I read that French childfree book (No Kids: 40 Good Reasons Not To Have Children by Corinne Maier) I found that some cultural things just don’t translate well!)