Get therapy not kids!

Seen this week on Post Secret:

The real reason I do want to have kids is that if I do get divorced or my future husband dies, I won’t be lonely and I can meet new people through them.

Really? You’re creating human beings because you have a fear of being alone and a fear of not being able to meet new people without a child in tow? Oh, that’s a GRAND reason to create a person. Why not get some therapy to get over your insecurity issues instead of having children to be your crutch? If you don’t have a better reason to have kids than that, DON’T.

I might not like Dr. Phil much, but he’s right about one thing: Children should not be born with a job!!

It just horrifies me that all too often, the people having kids are the ones who are so messed up in the head that they shouldn’t be having kids.