Mommies want every day to be about them

I just saw something so stupid I had to stop what I was doing and report it. Please forgive me for watching Lifetime channel, but they play repeats of Frasier in the morning and I’m still amused by that show.

This is what I heard this morning:

This Saturday it’s Lifetime’s “Going into Labor” Day event. Celebrate the holiday and all the mother’s out there!

Apparently some bimbo running Lifetime’s ad department actually believes that Labor Day is the same thing as Mother’s Day because it has the word “labor” in it, and this dipshit thinks “labor” can only mean giving birth. Breeder women won’t be happy until everything is about them, will they? It wouldn’t be so bad if they actually accomplished anything, but they don’t. They just overpopulate the planet, drug their kids up on Ritalin and refuse to make their kids behave because it might “stifle their creativity.” *disgusted sigh*

No, Lifetime Channel, Labor Day has nothing to do with squirting out kids. Traditionally it was meant to be a day to celebrate the people who actually had jobs, although now it’s only really used to remind parents when to send their kids back to school.