MomsRising=Parents Deserve Special Rights!

A rather reasonable friend of mine, who has kids but I wouldn’t consider a “breeder,” mentioned something about the website “MomsRising” to me recently. I’ve heard mention of it a couple of times before, but never checked it out, for fear it was one of those breederiffic mommy-feel-good websites. But when this reasonable friend mentioned it, I thought I might check it out. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate everything parent/kid related, and I actually clicked the link thinking I’d find something to rave about.

That was a mistake. It is a (cheezy and possibly ineffective) political lobbying site for breederiffic parents who want “special” rights, not equal rights.

The first thing you see on the main page says:

Tell your favorite Mom she’s a mother of the year! Your favorite mom deserves national recognition! Get her on the national news, thanked by President Obama, and envied by Angelina Jolie.

Are you kidding me? The first thing they want mommies to see on the site is, “You deserve a national award!” You can’t tell me they don’t have self-esteem issues if the big mommy sites primary reason for existence is to promote that shit. As if our government doesn’t have better things to do than to make some bimbo appease her self-esteem issues.

Also on the front page:

Let’s Get Real Healthcare Reform Now!We can’t afford to miss this opportunity to reform our broken healthcare system.Send a letter to Congress now demanding real healthcare reform for families

See that? Healtcare reform for FAMILIES. Fuck everyone else. Further in you’ll see they wan flexible work arrangements for PARENTS – no one else. Say what you will about childfree, but when we talk about reforms, we talk about making things fair for everyone, while parenting sites talk about making things “fair” for THEMSELVES only. Remind me which group is the selfish one again?

They also want:

Clear and independent universal television rating system that allows for choice in the home.

Wait a god-damned minute! They already have television rating systems that “allow for choice in the home.” Every show comes on with a freakin’ rating! Also, the TVs, the cable boxes, and the DVR boxes ALL have parental controls on them. And remember folks, they do not even have to have TVs in the home, or they can have a TV in a locked room or cabinet to keep the kids away from them. JFC what the hell more do these damn entitlement-minded mommies want? Little brown slaves living in the home to monitor the kids and the TV for them?! How can these morons STILL be complaining about this issue?!!

Safe, educational opportunities for children after the school doors close.

This also drives me crazy, as there are tons of activities for youth – parents just invent 500 excuses why not to use them. Every community I’ve lived in has had multiple forms of youth centers and activities, even the small town I used to live in. There were at least 3 community youth centers I can think of, but half the time they were empty because no one would make use of them. Who’s fault is that? While I can’t speak for every single community, I’d guess that most communities have these activities. The moms just won’t make use of them so they have no right to bitch about it.

And of course they are mooing about “Paycheck Fairness Act” which basically translates to:

I want to get paid as much as everyone else in the workplace, probably more, because I have kids to support. I deserve a paid year off every other year to have a baby and bond with it, and I want additional sick days from my non-parent coworkers since I need more sick days to take time off when my kids are sick, too. When I’m pregnant, I’ll need extra sick days for all my doctors appointments, as well. I want first pick of all vacation time off, because I have to work it around my kids’ school schedule and everyone else can just suck it. Also, I want a flexible work schedule so I can take off whenever it’s convenient for me and my kids. I never want to work late or weekends or holidays (gotta have family time!) – leave that to my childless coworkers – they don’t deserve the good work schedules! In fact, I should be able to work from home while playing with my kids. My family will always come first! AND I want promotions just as quickly as everyone else, even if I’m out of the office 60% more than the rest of them and don’t have nearly the experience since I’ve spent most of my career neglecting work in favor of being a mommy.

I’m SO sick of them complaining about getting paid less than other workers when they do less work. Yea, I know there are exceptions – women who are just as dedicated at work as the rest of us, but those are the ones who are likely making as much as the rest of us do. The ones who have a huge pay gap have probably earned that pay gap by doing half of the work when they are at work, taking more time off than anyone else, and never working overtime shifts – in other words, they deserve a fraction of the pay.

The bottom line is these women believe they deserve a paycheck for breeding and the company should just have extra funds lying around to give them money to stay home for a year while having to pay someone else to do their job. I’m not a fan of pure capitalism, but I have to side with the companies here. Why should they have to pay two people to do a job while one sits at home blogging about baby puke for a year? Or worse, why should the company pay someone to sit at home blogging about diaper blowouts while the rest of her coworkers are shafted having to take up her workload in addition to their own because the company can’t afford to pay two people for that job. And I don’t want to pay higher taxes so mommies can scam the system this way and make the government pay them to sit at home blogging! And then, this mommy thinks after coming back from her year’s vacation she should get the next promotion going around because she “deserves” it. How did she earn the promotion while sitting at home not working?!

(No, they didn’t actually say THAT, but that’s pretty much what they mean!)

Maybe I’d have more respect for mommies (and MomsRising) if they used ANY common sense, had ANY sense of fairness and dropped the entitlement “I want it so I should get it I’m a mom!” bullshit.