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Use These Tips to Have A Lovely Holiday with A Relative Suffering from Mental Illness

  • Ann
  • July 23, 2018
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When it comes to matters regarding holiday planning, there are a lot of factors that you generally need to consider. Things like your financial burdens, your social obligations, time strains, etc. can all put a lot of strain on a holiday. But what exactly happens when you have a mentally challenged relative or family member accompanying you on the trip? According to psychotherapist Mississauga having a relative suffering from mental illness shouldn’t affect your holiday negatively, in fact it can be the best bonding time you can have as a family.

Is there some extra special attention and/or care that you need to offer them? Well, the simplest straight answer is YES! You will definitely need to change your game on how you usually take your normal vacations. Don’t get things mixed up, you can still enjoy your holiday to the fullest. You just need to find out the kind of situations that you need to adjust on so as to cater for your mentally challenged relative as well. This article will discuss with you some of the things that you do during the trip so as to make life easier for everyone, your mentally ill relative/s included.

1. Respect their decisions

It’s not uncommon to find situations where people decline offers to go out on holidays or attend parties or dinners. In some cases, they may simply decline in an effort to try and maintain their mental wellness. For someone to decline your holiday invitation, they would have thought a lot about it. Even felt guilty for declining the offer in the first place. But it is important that you accept their decisions. Maybe your mentally challenged relative opts not to eat certain foods or drinks. You shouldn’t force them to do so. Respect what they want and everything should run pretty much smoothly throughout the holiday.

2. Invite them to one on one meetings

A mentally challenged relative may choose not to attend your group function where all the family members will attend. The reason for this may be simply to avoid being the center of attention from the mental illness. In such occasions, you can opt to invite them over on one on one meetings and quality time. Mental illnesses can also lead to isolated experiences. It can be a good idea to invite these relatives over to enjoy some time with you away from the general public. You will find that they enjoy that more.

3. Check in on them regularly

Consistently checking in on your mentally challenged relatives when on holiday is also another great way to show them support. You, however, don’t need to monitor them constantly. Remember that they are also human beings and need their alone time from time to time. Ask them how they are doing, whether they are enjoying themselves, call them, text them, etc. They may not get back to you at times or even delay at other times. In such cases, you can also leave them voicemails to remind them that you care and are ready to assist them whenever they need your help.

4. Treat them like whole people

Don’t just be in the habit of checking in on your mentally challenged relative to know about their mental health condition all the time. Sometimes, you can just call them to talk about other general issues and aspects of their lives. They may not be too willing to always be explaining how there are feeling every other time. It may get boring as well. Starting conversations about other topics is a splendid way to keep them talking.

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